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pi desk

So after over a month I have finally got my Raspberry Pi 2 B setup and running. I had problems with the power supply – 5v 2a is needed but all my powersupply had low a.

The Pi is connected to a 17 inch monitor with a vga to html converter. GIMP is really all I am using it for. I have Raspberry Pi B+ with touch screen monitor attached that I use for reference photos.

Anyway here they are, a mixture of from imagaination and getsdrawn paintings.


Bombrosephoto line layer. Glasses holding camera. Minimal background landscape.


Grayscale. Ignored the background and just focused on the portraits. Keeping it simple and minimal.


Colour. New purple (modifed the red) for glasses.


Raspberry Head creature with walking desk and monitor. Line layer. Pillars in background.


Grayscale. Spikes


Logos. Debian. Raspberry Pi. GetsDrawn. Just playing and getting use to tablet with pi


Grayscale. The three logos again.


Color. Exploring purples and oranges. Green and Red for Pi.


Taylor Swift. Landscape, imagaination. Robot on the left

monkeys-bw  iwillgetyoufool-lineiwillgetyoufool-bwiwillgetyoufool-color

piart imagine

I spent several days in Christchurch recently but am now back in Levin.

Sadly I left my drawing book in Christchurch and have not drawn since.

When I was in Christchurch I did buy a new Raspberry Pi 2 B computer. I had it running Debian and was very impressed with the speed.

It is so fast that it allows me to do digital painting in GIMP just the same as on my desktop computer or laptop.

I don’t have a monitor in Levin for the Pi so have not been able to do more – but here is what I created in Christchurch


Pi Art. The term used by shop keeper when I picked up my new Pi. Testing marks and getting use to the Pi.


On the Thursday in Christchurch I went to the Community Centre where I drew with someone. Taking some of these ideas from the drawings into GIMP.



Greyscale tonal layer.

Enjoy. It may be good for me to do some digital painting on the laptop. No monitor for the Pi currently.


kbleu and kieraJo paintings

Back in Hamilton after a week in Auckland. I took my Dell laptop and drawing tablet but didn’t even end up turning it on.
I didn’t transfer all the artwork I completed before leaving to Auckland, so here it is.

kbleu-line kbleu-bwkbleu-color kieraJo-linekieraJo-bwkieraJo-color


Currently at Linux Conf Aus 2015 in Auckland. Here are several paintings that I completed before I left Hamilton. I’ve brought my dell laptop to Auckland but have yet to power it up.
Enjoy the painting of skylarwolfe97



Line layer. Portrait in the foreground. Horizon line seprates the landmass and water. The most interesting shape is on the left. Boulders build up with spiky circles above. Tubes connect the spiky circles. The face looks screwed up but it looks better with

Why does her face look muddy.

Looks like a mozaic



Grayscale tonal layer. Light for the water and the sky. Dark hair. Landmass is medium. Dark clouds in sky.


Colour layer. For the eyes – blue. Yellow for the skin tones. Red for the hair. Blue for sky. Green water.


lana getsdrawn

Happy New Year.
Here’s the first post of 2015.
A series of GetsDrawn digital painting works. Three layers – line, grayscale, colour.



Line. Square spiky landmasses. Below – water. Curly hair is a focus in the portrait. Eyes are large. Neck and should simple.

kieraJo-bwSimple light background with dark landmasses. Below the water is medium. Hair a mixture of dark, medium and light. Tones in face, light. Neck and shoulder are dark.

kieraJo-colorRed hair, eyes, lips. Yellow skin. Blue sky/landmass. Green water.


Developing the landmass in the distance to a building. Spikes still everywhere. Cute frekles on her face. Her hair is wavery. Water drifting on the bottom third.


Merging the background landmass and sky into the portrait. Skin tones light, slightly darker for the freckles. Dark for background. Light for water.


Colour helps differ the portrait from the background. Yellow for the skin tones, along with the doors on the building in the distance. Red for hair, eyes, and mouth. Green for the water.


Two portraits. Glasses are always enjoyable – part of the reason I choose this. Simple spiky landmass with spike sun. Plain nothing for below the line.


The tonal grayscale layer is simple. Ignored the water and clothing areas. Hair was dark and medium skin tones. Medium for landmass/sky. Hair is the darkest area.


Mixing it up with a very light red for the blonde on the right. Blue for the sky and landmass. Missed yellow on the necks.


Circus wheel happening on the left in the distance. The reference was a photograph portrait of Lana Del Rey. Spikely landmass. An ocean flows into the foreground. lanadelrey-bw

Light for the portrait. Dark for the key landmass in distance – wheel, spikes, and small islands. Medium dark for the ocean.


Red for hair and eyes. Ignored mouth. Yellow for skin tones. Large brush strokes for the skin. Blue for the sky and landmass. Very dark blue in areas.  Green for the water – again a very dark green used.        lanadelrey-color

Hope you enjoyed these digital paintings completed in gimp on my Dell laptop running Fedora 21 KDE desktop.

alibear autumnwolf landscapes

I’m back in Hamilton so back into digital painting. During my trip away I wrote code and drew in a notebook. It’s been great to get back into the digital painting. I’ve created two words so far:alibear-line


This girl wanted turned into an Elf. I drew the giant ear she is wearing into her face. In the background, a landscape. No clouds in the sky, instead just a sun with messy spikes. Water is below.


Grayscale tonal layer. Light skintones. Light water and sun. Medium background with dark landmass. The rightside landmass is textured nicely.

I had done a colour layer for this but saved over it with the grayscale. It’s at home and I don’t have access to it now. I’ll see how I go updating this post later. Other option is to not worry about it.


The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skellington is in the middle. Two people huddled around him. Horizon line down the bottom third. Similar block shapes being built up to the previous painting. These are larger and more square like than the usual spiky landmass.


Grayscale. Keeping it simple and not worrying about detail – just capturing those lights and darks. Her face in partical is simple – the nose and mouth has been left out. Only two eyes stare out. Light for the skintones and dark for the clothing and hair. Light for the water and medium for the sky. Instead of going with small clouds, the sky is split with areas of zig zags.


Colour. Yellow for skin, red for hair and dark areas of clothing. Much of the clothing areas have been left alone. Blue for the sky, with a dark blue for darker areas of the sky. Green for the water.


Adventure Drawn

Back in the library today to write a blog post. I’ll see how I feel after and hopefully get some code done also.

Here are two more digital paintings I completed before I left Hamilton:


Raniff line layer. In the reference the girl is holding a piece of paper that has a drawing of her on it.  Instead of a drawing of her on the line layer I added the GetsDrawn title and a landscape.


Grayscale tonal layer. Since the reference was a blonde I used light on the hair and medium on the skin. Landmass in the distance is dark, with a medium sky and light water.


Grayscale tonal Uroborus74 layer. Sorry I didn’t include the line layer. It’s sitting on my desktop computer in Hamilton.

For this the request was to be drawn like a character from the television show Adventure Time.uroboros74-color


Colour layer. Yellow is used for the skin and red for the hair. Blue for the shirt and sky. The landmass – a dark yellow and red. Aqua for the water.



Currently sitting in the library in Levin. I took a bus down last night.
Before leaving I spend majority my time digital painting. Working from reference on GetsDrawn.
I’ve been finishing all three layers in the paintings, and getting several paintings complete a day.TheBeachWhale-line


TheBeachWhale line layer. Girl on the left, guy on the right. In the background is a landscape. Land mass emurge from the horizon. Below is water flowing the foreground. Clouds are spotted around the sky.



Grayscale tonal layer. Light for the skin, dark clothes. The horizon line upwards is medium dark with the water below light.



Colour tonal layer. Keeping with the usual colours. Yellow for skin, red for hair, blue for horizon line upwards.


Line layer. This is a rare one and I did no background landscape. The drap was interesting enough to drawn. I don’t get to draw feet often either but for the I did. They are on the same level as the head.


Grayscale tonal. Light for the skin, dark for hair. I treated the cloth the same as landmass and made them dark.


Line layer. Guy on the left wearing a NASA tshirt. Girl on the right wearing glasses. Horizon line in the distance seprates the landmass above with the water below.  nasa-bw

Tonal Grayscale. Toned back the background with less clutter than the line layer. Dark for hair and clouds. Light skin with medium shirt. Dark landmass and light water. nasa-color


Colour layer. Simple with red for the hair, yellow skin, and blue sky. Didn’t bother with colour on shirt and water.



I have started digital painting from getsdrawn. I have yet to submit any of these to the people in the photos, but it’s a great start for me to draw and paint them.

Producing these works gets me thinking of how I can 7make the process of creating the works better. One thought was to get the Python script to generate username-line/bw/colour.png and also a gimp file. These three layers would be called the proper name inside the gimp file. It’s an idea and may work in archieving each username submission on redditgetsdrawn. The next step would be to send these files to each username. It’s totally doable with the Python praw module but I will need to logon to twitter with the script. It could them message them the link to their finished artwork.

Here are the paintings I have been working on:


Guy with his cat. I normally don’t draw animals from rgd, especially when there is no human in the photo. This was an exception and I drew both the guy and cat. Only a line layer was created. rgdport-line


Line layer. Guy on left, girl on right. In the photo they were sitting in a cinema but for this I added a landscape to the background. Horizon line with landmass above that. Below is water. In the sky – clouds.


Combo of colour and grayscale tonal layers. I started with the grayscale then added the blue on the background. I started covering the face with a yellow but stopped – realizing that I was still working on the grayscale layer. Many areas are incomplete, such as their body and arms.



Unlike the previous works I was sensible and recorded down the name of the poster for this – IsWhaat. I spent awhile on this and produces three complete layers. In this line layer the guy is on the left and girl on the right. I added a landscape to the background with a horizon line, landmass emurges from this with clouds in the sky. Below is waves of water.

In the sky I also drew the username, gave it a border and added spikes to the border. iswhaat-bw


Grayscale tonal layer. Mostly complete. Areas that are missing is the chest area and sky. Dark clouds and landmass with mid tonal on characters. Water is rather dark. iswhaat-color



For the colour layer I used yellow for skin tones. A dark redish brown for the hair (and username). Blue for the background in the sky (helps make the image feel more complete). Started to use green for the water but gave up and moved on.


Writing this post on my new chromebook. It’s running Ubuntu KDE, a minimal install. Maybe I should run Debian KDE but whatever – I’m just using this as a development machine and to type blog posts.
I’ve tried to install my wacom tablet on it but no luck. I may have better luck if I install Fedora but from what I’ve looked at Ubuntu/Debian are the only supported systems on Chromebooks.
I’m still using my desktop to paint and here are the results.

First up, GetsDrawn logo take two:




Line layer. GetsDrawn drawn in all caps with spiky clouds surrounding the text.




GetsDrawn grayscale layer. The text is dark with background light. Outer layer is dark also.



GetsDrawn colour layer. Moving away from the retro colours and back into some that I usually use. Yellow and darker yellow for text. Blue background, and new blue around outer edge. I tried a darker of the blue but wasn’t happy with it so picked a new blue.


RetroDino line layer. Fun creating this dino from imagination. In the background there is a landscape with a sun similar to what I created in Mr Sunshin game. Clouds, trees, water. retdino-bw


Grayscale tonal layer. Certainly cutting back on the detail and information in this. Tonal layers take time and are tiring


Colour. Retro colours as inspired from the point and click game jam. treemons-line


Line layer. Lots of doodling of dinos and landscapes.treemons-bw


Grayscale. Spend awhile on this, and though I didn’t get it completely finished, I am happy with it.




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