Update IOGraph

So. I just remembered, It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the blog with some IOGraph works. Recently I havn’t been running the program (forget it open it). But I’ve got it running now… so expect more updates.

Color! This was taken into Blender and used for a UV map on a model. Blender – something I should work with further….. neglected it recently.

Great. Hope you liked these. I’ve been spending most of my time learning Java. It’s been fun and I hope to make some cool programs with it.

Life drawing on Monday…. Double Models… male I believe… but only half a day. In the afternoon we will be showing some work from the term and discussing it. Friday will also be life drawing…. male again. Then it’s over for the term.

I’m moving next weekend so won’t be attending TLC onsite anymore. I’ll try to make it to life drawing in Palmerston

IOGraph – Days of Dots

Just leaving IOGraph to do its thing. Some impressive and interesting works. Need to experiment with it in GIMP – colors… layers… would like to take these further into 3d…. textures.

Once the sun is out I’ll take photos of life drawing from Friday and write a post. Plenty to say. More life drawing Monday… then for the rest of the week I’ll work on creating models and textures within Blender. Should do some Java as well.

IOGraph Artworks

I’ve been using a program called IOGraph. It runs in the background of the computer and records mouse movements – to create abstract artwork. I’m very interesting in this idea of letting the computer ‘create’ artwork and I’ve liked the several works made already.

Here they are. 

1.2 hours of mouse movement in the early hours of the morning.

3.3 hours. As you can see far more activity on the left side of the page. The black circles are clicks.

An hour. Guess whos using stumble upon lots?

I’d like to see this program developed to create color, and be affected by keyboard movements. Still, fun program. I’ll aim to keep it running and make regular updates of artwork created. Go download and have a go yourself!