Angelique Portrait

Formatted my laptop yesterday, backed up majority of my files on the system but forgot to backup my GIMP 2.8 settings. I had to create new settings for getting a thin to thick pressure look and make new brushes (default GIMP brushes are quite terrible). My old brushes are on my desktop computer, an 8 hour drive from here. I plan on getting the computer back in the next few weeks – I love those brushes I’ve got on it!
Here’s a portrait I did of my friend Angelique (went to TLC with her) because the format:
Line. Normally I go with a red color for the line – but mixed it up here and used the green. Working on a square format rather than the normal wide landscape. It felt restrictive and didn’t allow me to do the normal landscape effects I ususally use in my digital paintings.

Black and white tone. Simple, nothing special. But I like it.
Color. Usual color palette – yellow for a skin, red hair, and green for the background. No blue in this. I usually use blue for the sky/background and green for the ground. The square share is weird to work with.

RedditGetsDrawn Library Portraits

It’s school holidays and I want to get my sleeping back on track so I’ve been hanging out in the youth center in the Library here in Levin. Using my cellphone as reference I drew several portraits from RedditGetsDrawn. I’ve also found my tablet pen so need to get back into digital painting. It’s nice to put pencil to paper though. Today I’m planning on heading down to the local art center here in Levin. I need to hangout more with like minded individials – people that will answer more than ‘yes’ and ‘thats great’ when I discuss artwork with them.

There was the chance of me going to Wellington today, but I think I’d rather head to the art center.

Here’s the results:

DSC_0214 DSC_0215 DSC_0210 DSC_0211


July portrait

Hi. I’ve been busy with unity3d but get in a pencil drawing now and then. I think I’ve lost my pen for my tablet. Its likely somewhere in my room. Looking on mightyape I see they have baboon tablets for 100 dollars – might be worth picking one up.
Anyway. Here’s a pencil drawing I did recently:



The reference for this was a portrait photo on redditgetsdrawn.



Here tone has been added. No color sorry

Blackhead Sitting

It’s another RedditGetsDrawn.



Reference photo.


Reference photo. Decent lighting – enough shadow for two or three tones in the face. The background is lacking somewhat, but it doesn’t matter as it’s going to be made.





Here’s a critic:

The left eye should be below the right eye.  The nose is much shorter than it should be. Bottom lip is too fat.

Good points. I need to be careful with my observation skills to capture what’s really in the image. Comparing the two I’ve mirrored the image – not only are the eyes opposite but the hair line as-well.

A new shape has been  used recently in my background – squares. I use these square shapes in both the sky and land.



Tonal Gray-scale


Fixed the mirror problem in the face. The line layer is my first chance to get it right, and often don’t get it right on my first chance. That’s why I get a second with the gray-scale tone layer. Isn’t life wonderful with all these chances?

Custom made flat brush has been used for this whole piece. The opposite to this is the circle chalk brush that I often use. To be honest I prefer the sharp, flat look over a round. Mixing the two together works wonders.




Everyone I’ve painting on Reddit recently have been turned into redheads. I don’t think that’s a bad thing because redheads are pretty damn amazing.

Color is the layer I struggle with the most. Maybe using more tones of a color will help. I use two, maybe three tones if I’m lucky of each color. Increasing this number would help with detail and depth of painting deeply.

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